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Airtech International Inc., Huntington Beach, California; Airtech Europe S.A., Differdange, Luxembourg; Tygavac Advance Materials Ltd., Littleborough, England and Airtech Composite Tool Manufacturing, (A.C.T.M.), a division of Airtech International, Inc., make up our Advanced Composites and Bonding Group, serving the Aircraft-Aerospace, Printed Circuit Board, Marine, Automotive, Recreational, Windmill, and Glass Bonding industries. 
We manufacture vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials that include nylon films, release films, peel-plies, breather and release agents. We hot melt impregnate our ToolmasterŪ line of tooling prepregs including resins, composite tubing for back-up structures, stiffeners and machinable master materials.
Established in 1973, we have developed and introduced many of the vacuum bagging and composite tooling products that are now taken for granted. New products not duplication, keep us up front with today's technology and customer needs.
Tours are welcome in our manufacturing facilities located in Huntington Beach, California and Differdange, Luxembourg. There we can show you why Ipplon nylon films are the safest and most dependable blown nylon available. Our films are extruded in mono-layer or multi-layer, which can be made antistatic. Our custom bag area can heat seam vacuum bags to any size or shape. We also stock in the United Kingdom at Tygavac Advanced Materials.
A.C.T.M. manufactures composite tooling in our state-of-the-art facility with clean room and autoclave. We welcome all tooling challenges, and train in composite tooling, reusable rubber bags and vacuum bagging.
We have the largest and most respected worldwide sales and distribution network. Our distributors specialize in the Aircraft-Aerospace industry and are on a one-to-one relationship with our customers.
Please feel free to contact Airtech or your local distributor for further information or assistance. Also, look up our website for more detail and photographs.