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 House Specialty 
Resin Infusion (Toolfusion®) Quick, easy and inexpensive with a room temperature or low temperature initial cure for high temperature use to 400°F (202°C). No autoclave required. No expensive prepregs that must ship and store frozen. Save up to 40% over prepreg tooling costs.

 Hot & Spicy 
Cyanate-Epoxy Prepreg (CEP) For incredible stability at 370°F (188°C) or for use up to 450°F (232°C). High tack (unlike BMI prepreg), easy to use and clean. Great with thermoplastics (Twintex®).

Epoxy Prepregs (Toolmaster®) Low temperature initial cure, high temperature use to 400°F (202°C) can be sold in rolls or rectangles to save time. Good tack and easy to use.

 Original Recipe 
Wet Lay-up Epoxy Resins (Toolmaster®) Low temperature cure for high temperature use. Clean and easy to use wet system.

 Fast Food 
Impression Master A fast, re-usable rubber tooling system that under vacuum takes and holds any shape and after use returns to original shape ready to be used again.

 Side Orders 
•Tooling Back-up Structures •Vacuum Bagging Materials •Vacuum Hoses, Valves & Quick Disconnects
•Tooltec® - Semi-Permeate Mold Release •Vacuum Leak Detector •Technical Assistance Worldwide


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