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Volume 1, Issue 6 

An Airtech Advanced Materials Group Publication

June 2001

Airtech Completes Expansion
of Luxembourg Facility

Airtech Expands with
Economical Line of Products

Airtech's Luxembourg facility has completed its recent expansion, doubling its size and increasing its manufacturing capacity.  Wolfgang Stratmann has joined Airtech as the new European Production Manager with over 20 years experience in European aerospace.  He has worked for both Airbus and Daimler-Aero.

Wrightbag - Non Silicone,

Another new product from Airtech's line is Wrightbag.  Constructed from a tough elastomeric rubber, these custom vacuum bags have great elongation, and can be heat seamed to conform to many different configurations.  Wrightbag can be sealed using conventional vacuum bag sealant tape and will also function as an inflatable bladder.  Wrightbag has a maximum duty temperature of 250oF, and is available in a thickness of .010"(.25mm) and .020"(.5mm).

Airtech is broadening its market with the inexpensive Econolon bagging film, Econo-Ply J peel ply, and Econoflow 59R rubber vacuum hose.  These materials are designed to be more affordable, particularly for those customers operating in the marine, recreational, and wind power industries.  These industries do not require "aerospace" grade materials, since they are used in a non-autoclave, low temperature environment.  These new additions to our catalog compliment our existing inexpensive products....

Econoweave 44/1010 Econoflash
AT-199 Dahlar 65
VV 401C Release Bag 125

Airtech Service Update
Technical Assistance, Worldwide

Airtech technical teams have visited over 250 companies in the past 5 years assisting customers with composite tooling, pressure pads, custom vacuum bag formation and composite shop set-up projects.  How can we help you?

Please contact Airtech or your Local Airtech Distributor for additional information:

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