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Volume 1, Issue 4 An Airtech Advanced Materials Group Publication July 2000

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 New Films Announced!!!!!

Dahlar® Releasebag 125 – An economical film designed for both vacuum bagging and release film applications. Can be used for cures up to 265°F (125°C), and will release from most resins associated with aerospace, marine, and recreational uses. (Shown above)

Dahlar® 65 – An even more economical release film for low temperature applications up to 120°F (49°C). Designed to reduce costs when doing room temperature cures, compaction and debulking operations, replacing expensive high temperature rated films.



Airtech displays custom seamed
nylon bags at SAMPE in a BIG way!

Airtech’s “Bag Man” being inflated prior to being displayed at SAMPE. Heat sealing vacuum bagging films together to form large sizes and/or complex shapes saves time and money with increased reliability.
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