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Volume 1, Issue 7 

An Airtech Advanced Materials Group Publication

December 2001

SecurlonŽ - A New Multilayer
Vacuum Bagging Film

Statue Dedication During
Worldwide Sales Meeting

Airtech's latest cutting edge product is SecurlonŽ.  These vacuum bagging films are made on a state of the art, multi-layer extruder, providing multiple layers of security.  This reduces concerns for "pinholes", weak spots, brittleness and inconsistencies when vacuum bagging an expensive part.  SecurlonŽ films are strong, exhibit high elongation, and high temperature capability (425oF/218oC).

New Q.C. Technology

The latest addition to Airtech's Q.C./R&D department is this microscope and high resolution digital real-time video/photo imaging package.  This new equipment will enable customers to view images via e-mail, worldwide.  With magnification from 26x--126x, and fiber-optic illumination, this technology is ideal for identifying microscopic sections of materials.

On November 27th, 2001, a statue dedicated to Airtech President, William R. Dahlgren (shown) was unveiled as a tribute to the many years of hard work, leadership and success he has achieved in building Airtech.  Airtech's worldwide sales meeting was held during this period, allowing for a time to recognize Airtech's international employees as well.

We will never forget

Record Year !
We would like to say thank you to our distributors and customers for a record year in 2001.

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